Monday, October 12, 2009

Renest 2009

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, those are satyr horns. Because we ARE that nerdy family, we now own multiple pairs. We may have to wear them to Thanksgiving dinner in order to get our monies worth!

Chloe wasn't afraid of anyone in a costume, John and Emma were a little more cautious. She cracked me up. After the parade, she came over and had a haul of things people had given to her, magic rocks, pins, flowers, little toys. She also nailed her regal, queenly wave.

The sturdy beggars were such a hit! They jumped in the mud through their comedy routine, John laughed out loud over it.

The Falconer was, as always, a huge hit. A new bird debuted Saturday, it was his first show ever. He was a little owl who had been found covered in fire ants, even his eyes had been bitten. Up until this year he had been blind. But his vision was restored and this was his first official flight. The girls were so moved by his story, when he took his first flight over the audience both girls jumped to their feet clapping their hands. Chloe whistled in glee for the owl. Chloe loved the birds, but she kept a pretty close eye on that hawk when we were taking the photo.

John caught Mommy and Daddy kissing, what a look!

Brian found his favorite treat, warm cinnamon almonds. The gentleman said, "Madame, I have your husband's nuts and I have put them in a sack for you". Really?

Brian bought rings for all his girls. I love my puzzle ring. The very first ring Brian ever gave me, or maybe I confiscated was a silver puzzle ring from Turkey. It had an unfortunate accident, I was so excited to see it replaced!

John played baby bird for Emma to feed him Kettle corn.

Chloe played the Pan's flute she chose as a souvenir. She is really quite good.

To start the fireworks show, they lit the field on fire, john was entranced

The fireworks were unanimously the kids favorite!

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Rob said...

Good pics of everybody and all the fun! We missed our fair here this year but it looks like you all had a good time!