Sunday, October 11, 2009

General Chaos and getting out the door, Organized? NOT!

I got an email (which is very flattering for little 'ole me) from someone who thought from reading the blog that I was "so organized". I remembered that email this weekend when we were in a mad scramble through WalMart.

Saturday we went to the Renfaire. We had tickets for months and months. The week before I had unpacked all of our fall weather gear, the jackets, scarves, long sleeved shirts and such.


6am: we woke up

7am: we were ready to go! on the dot, for us that is practically a miracle! We were so excited to be on time, for once. When we were leaving the house I asked Brian if we should bring jackets. The weather man had said a high of 74, so we figured it would warm up once we got there. Yeah... not so much. The weather man hadn't factored in wind, and really cold drizzle.

9am: Instead of parking on the renfest grounds, we were traipsing around WalMart in a mad rush grabbing Winter gear off the racks. Winter gear we already have, in duplicate sitting at home in our closets.

9:45 am We left the store, but had to go back in for potty breaks.

10:30am we arrive at Renfest, thankfully, alternately kicking ourselves and laughing at ourselves. But boy were we glad we stopped, it was COLD, it would have been miserable without it. Thankfully, we stopped and had a wonderful time!

Organized.... not so much..

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