Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Bass Pro Shop Winter Wonderland

Before today, I had never been to a "wilderness store". Unless you count Academy. I went there to get John a simple slingshot last year when we studied little house on the prarie. Brian was envisioning a simple split stick with a rubber band. Instead, I upgraded it to the super cool "wrist rocket" model with steel ball bearings to shoot. Brian had one of those "have you lost your mind?" discussions with me. Apparently, grown men use those to fell deer.

I guess I am not a wilderness girl. Every time I mention camping Brian starts laughing hysterically and reminds me that: A. there is no climate control in the great outdoors, B. critters live there too, C. they call it indoor plumbing cause there ain't none outdoors. This has effectively ended all camping related discussions. So I haven't ever had the need for the type of things they sell.

But I have to say, their Winter Wonderland they have set up is a little bit of awesome. These pics are the ones I took, but they provide you with a free little snapshot in a cute frame and they did a cute candy cane craft.

The kids had a blast, they have a little nerf archery/gun target practice area and I had no idea they sold toys there. Its a pretty cool store, I think we have been missing out.

And I managed to resist the urge to buy the boy a BB gun. All my neighbor's windows breathed a sigh of relief.

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Rob said...

Yeah I shoulda pointed out to you last year that you could have just made that kiddo a slingshot - might have saved you "the discussion", haha ... plus with your craftiness I'm sure you could have made it into a great home school project :)