Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pet Grooming Misadventures

Okay so first the good pics. We went to Safari Pets, the groomer's/puppy seller's to drop of Mac for grooming. He was shedding his undercoat horribly, it was coming out in big chunks. The groomer told me she was going to "have to trim his undercoat". I thought that sounded reasonable. Expecting to come back to a dog with slightly less undercoat.

The kids kept themselves entertained begging for a new dog. Ha! No way. So I appeased them by taking pictures of them with the puppies.

So.... Skip down a few pictures. THIS is what I picked up from the groomer. a BALD DOG!!!! And trust me, in this picture the flash is his friend. It bleaches out all the pink skin and the absolute butchery that is the job these folks did. He looks like an underweight piglet, or maybe a grossly overweight rat. My poor. poor. cold. dog. Its bad. Its going to take about a year for his coat to grow back in. Meantime he will have no protection from the cold, or the sun. We are going to have to sunscreen our dog. And we get to moisturize his skin daily. Ugh.

The girls have fussed over him non-stop. Keeping him bundled up. He appreciates the attention. It makes the intense shame he feels abate slightly.

I have just today stopped wincing when I look over at him. The girls and I cried for him when we got him home. Especially when we saw all the wounds the shaver had left behind. Needless to say, we had to go and buy him a small wardrobe of sweaters. That is the bright spot here. The girls are LOVING dressing him up each morning. We got him a dog snuggie so he and Chloe can match!


Rob said...

That poor, poor dog. And now sweaters and clothes for him .. gulp .. I weep for your canine :)

H-Mama said...

Oh nooo... so, so sad. I always feel poorly for dogs getting groomed as I watch them through the window. I must say, he is sporting the snuggie quite well. ;)