Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Sew Easy Old Fashioned Shawls

Since it was so cold down here, when I stumbled onto this tutorial over at wee folk art, I knew I had to make this. We love anything that reeks of little house on the prarie. Plus, I had woven cotton taking up space in my closet. These are so easy, you just cut the fabric into a square, and then fray about 3/4 inch by picking out threads. I made five of them in about an hour real mom time.

The girls were using them as shawls, as lap blankets, and they even wore them as scarves under their jackets. Emma is modeling the sari look. Chloe has gone back to her Polish roots and is wearing it as a head covering!

Ps. Brandy, if you are reading this. Don't make it, I already made one for each of your girls.


H-Mama said...

these are great... i think i may actually be able to do this? ;)

gracie was sooo disappointed when she found a shawl of theirs, only to discover it was too late. it didn't fit over her head. perfect timing.

Jennifer said...

You definitely can! its so super easy!!! Its not even really sewing, its more just cutting. If you have any problems, just swing by, I can help ya.