Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Day 2009

I have never been a terribly linear, engineer sort. Really. Ever. But it was so cold outside and I had just bought John this pirate lego set. Thankfully, Lego directions are alot like Ikea furniture assembly, they give pictures. John kept looking at me. When things weren't looking right he would say, "Its okay Mom, we can wait for Dad to get home." When I finally had it all put together right, he beamed at me. He actually beamed. I felt like I had redeemed myself in the boy toy world. I can play Barbie till the cows come home, but I have been informed that I do not make a good dragon, or dinosaur.

The kids LOVED the snow, it didn't stick much to the ground, but the loved catching it in their mouths.

They loved breathing and making "clouds"

The cat was unimpressed.

And this is what a little girl looks like after romping in the snow all day. Red cheeked and exhausted.


H-Mama said...

That last pic is priceless. It only stuck here for a few hours before it started melting. Maybe next year? ;)

Nancy B said...

My husband had the opposite dilemma. With no sisters of his own and then two daughters, he was one confused guy about how to play with girl toys. He figured it out pretty fast, though. When my oldest was two, I caught him playing "Cliff Diving Barbie" with her during bathtime. We do what we have got to do, right?

That last pic of your daughter is AWESOME.