Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthnuakkmas

Tuesday was a big day for us. We had the fifth night of Hanukkah, celebrated my birthday early at Chili's (Brian will be out of town), and we had our family Christmas early (so Brian could be there for it). Very time efficient! I have to say, it is a relief to have the more commercial and time consuming parts of Christmas over with. Now I can just relax and enjoy crafts with the kids and holiday movies....Oh, and finish all the holiday sewing projects.

So we were on our way to Chili's and I see John goofing around in the backseat. He stole Chloe's beret and jammed it on his head. He looks like one of those mushroom babies from Super Mario Bros.

Another funny pic. I think she might pay me good money to burn this one later in life. We bought the kids several dart tag sets so that we could play as a family. Here is Emma in all her "gear". Oh. My. She is adorable. They have commandeered my dining room chairs for days now building bunkers they can defend.


Rob said...

I'm glad we are celebrating Christmas again at our place. I didn't/don't miss the commercialism and super busy part though - I like the family time. Sounds like you have that down pat!

Terra Howard said...

It's almost impossible for Emma to look threatening..especially so in pretty purple pj's. : ) John looks like dreads may fall out any minute. Where was Chloe-bug?