Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Toeless socks Momjacked

Chloe had some tissue removed from the top of her foot by the dermatologist, and so the doctor told us to let her wear flip flops. Well, two weeks ago this was fine, but our area just had a cold front. Looking at her bare feet in those flip flops made me freeze. Even though she said she would be okay. So I came up with this idea. I cut the toes off her socks so she would be a bit warmer. Being a huge flip flop fan myself, I am trying to decide if I can get away with this. So far, I don't think so. but I do knit....

The rest of the day we spent cuddled inside. The kids were SO EXCITED. We had a fire. Now I know those of you who live in colder climates don't understand the thrill. But for our kids anytime we have a fire is EPIC!

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Rob said...

Cool idea and good post. But um your fire IS kinda weaksauce there kid :)