Monday, September 1, 2008

Brief Update.

So clearly we were caught up in all the "will we need to evacuate drama?", well I was anyways. Im pretty sure I am a premature evacuater, Im willing to call it for a few deep puddles and a stiff breeze! That and sewing project didn't leave me enough time to blog, BOO!

I toyed around today with a stunning personal realization, I am ernie.... I found the quiz at They also offer a Which smurf are you test? but really??? come on, there is only one smurfette all the rest are boys.... which brings up interesting questions.... where did the smurflings come from?

You are Ernie

You are more sloppy, more abstract, and both introverted and extroverted.

Here is why are you Ernie.

You are both sloppy. You might not always know where everything you need is. Perhaps you don't even care. Ernie sure doesn't. Hey, when you got a best friend that is anal about cleaning you can afford to not worry about it. Sure Ernie likes taking baths, but that's just to spend time with his ducky.

You both can be abstract thinkers. Ernie is a dreamer by nature, always making up songs while he plays. He comes up with fanciful adventures. You definitely are not afraid to take chances in life. You only live once. You may notice others around you playing it safe, but you are more concerned with not compromising your desires, and getting everything you can out of life. This is a very romantic approach to life, but hopefully you are also grounded enough to get by.

You are both somewhat introverted. Ernie enjoys spending time with others, but he is also quite content to be in his own fantasy world with his duckies. Unlike Bert, he has other friends to spend time with. Like Ernie, you probably like to have some time to yourself, but you do appreciate spending time with your friends, and you aren't scared of social situations.

The other possible characters are
Cookie Monster
Big Bird
Oscar the Grouch
Kermit the Frog
The Count
Guy Smiley


Carrie Thompson said...

I am Bert! who would'a thunk it...

glad your all safe and all unevacuated...

Coplings said...

I will sing rubber ducky, if you sing about the "pigeons...."

Now I just have way too many sesame street sketches rambling through my head...