Monday, September 8, 2008

Weeked Recap: Museum of Fine art

We took all three kiddos to the Museum of fine art this weekend. They were having a special family day event, so they advertised how child friendly they were. Frankly, I felt sorry for the poor docents, several of them looked like they might have been on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Someone turned a bunch of kids loose in a museum filled with priceless works of art that aren't really hung all that high up on the wall.... really not very high at all. We sat all the kids down and explained why we can't touch the art work. Which of COURSE made it impossible for them to just walk around and not touch anything! Overall it was a good time. I was starting to feel as shaky as the poor docents at the end.

The Museum had the Zoomobile out so the kids got to pet some african animals. Those are my kids petting a hissing madagascar cockroach... this is something I can honestly say they must get from their father, because I just don't have it in me to pet a cockroach.

Thank goodness we hit the funstuff from the zoo first before it got crowded.

Oh and the python, and Grandma if you are reading this, the kids insisted I put this picture in here...

Then we went inside the actual museum, and clearly the kids were a little, um, bored. Maybe if I want them to sleep easily at night I should hang art in their room.

It was kinda funny to see the museum from the kids point of view though. When we went passed a famous Monet painting Chloe says "look Mom, its Inspector Clousseau from the pink panther"... sigh, I tried.

Emma staked out some bamboo in the scupture garden and started pretending to be a panda.

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