Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Happy Belated Blog Birthday Post you old man!!!

So during all our evacuation hoopla my darling husband turned 40!!! We have harrassed him mercilessly of course, it's practically our jobs. It was a very happy birthday in spite of the circumstances. We did all his favorite things. First we went to the chinese restaurant he loves, China Bear (which I think is supposed to be Panda Bear?...) where he got to eat his favorite chicken curry. You have to forgive the picture, I was a mad happy snapping pictures fool and I think I surprised him and caught him midsentence for this picture. If only I knew how to use photoshop.

This kiddos cheeks were dyed red after the sauce for the sweet and sour chicken. We clearly took a night off the no artificial ingredients idea. They are all hunched over the little baby octopus in the center of the table they got off my plate. Here is a better picture of it down below. What was going to be my dinner became Biology 101 at the table, complete with full dissection. However, Black Bean paste is much easier on the nose than formaldehyde.

Then we went to 3 nerdtacuilar comic book shops to look for something Cthulhu. Brian is a big SciFi/Lovecraft fan and Cthulhu is one of the main characters. ( So this below is Brians version of cthulhu, followed by my version of hello cthulhu. We did have a good time, although the kids I were bored after about an hour, but we soldiered on for another three. I promise, its like taking the man into a book store, Im going to start being like those moms of teenagers who drop off their charges and then come back 7 hours later for them!

Sooo what follows could be pretty high on the sappy factor, so avert your eyes if you aren't that type..

To my husband on his birthday (or seven days after....:)

I was thinking of you the other day while I looked at my sock drawer (Im a shameless romantic, right?). I have all these standard hanes socks in my drawer and then I have this crazy, phsychedelic, rainbow toe sock that is really, really comfortable. Like you and I were before we had each other, a little unconventional and hard to match, you just couldn't just throw it together with a standard sock without it looking silly. But see, now we are a pair.... a pair of crazy, slightly unconventional people. I know for sure that I just wouldn't have ever matched up with anyone the way I match up with you. You are the most awesomest husband/father/all around guy ever.

I think people look at us now, and it probably seems like we have always been this way. But I know differently, I remember where I was when we met. I know that you were my knight on a white horse (or that totally chivalrous guy who owned a white cat? same thing right?). I know that you as good as rescued me from where I was headed and that you loved me when I had nothing but me to offer to you. Which is nice, because I know that you love me for me, not for any other reason. And hey, guess what? I love you for you too.

We definately have a much different life than we expected (haha), but Im really glad to be sharing it with you. Watching you as a father has been really amazing. Where did that kurmudgeony bachelor go? Okay, so he makes some appareances now and again, but you are SUCH a big softie with me and the kids. You are an amazing father. The kids tell me that you are a superhero, because you go to fight bad guys, and I have to agree with them. Sometimes your job is difficult, but I am so happy that you are doing what you want to be doing, and I guess we get to be superheroes too (or maybe we are superhero support staff?), we get to support you so you can go and do that superhero thing.

I love you Old man,

Your Child Bride.....LOL

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