Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Veternarian's Hospital Tuesday/Pony dress

"And now, the continuing stoooory of a quack who's gone to the dogs,"

It was a pretty slow and lazy day. We have been worried about hurricane Ike, and I am pretty sure that and our nice lazy day have taken all the witty out of me. We did all our normal school work, and we went to american heritage girls, but then we had a fun bonus. Today was our "veternarian/animal center" day. When I came up with that title, all I could think of was that Muppets skit. All of the kids have decided that they want to abandon the unit we should be on according to the curriculum and they want to study animals. Emma says she wants to be a vet. So of course now they all want to!

So here we are with the hamster, after feeding and caring for it, cleaning her cage, now its time to play. The kids fed her about five almonds! She stuffs them all in her pouch, by the time she was done playing with us, her pouch was humongous. Then we broke out the catnip for BeBe. THAT was funny, the kids haven't ever seen her being so silly.

Chloe's impersonation of a hamster.......

And here is the 2nd dress I have completed! I am kinda psyched that I am able to get them out so quickly. Emma and Chloe both LOVE ponies, so they have been swirling around me all day trying to get me to finish them. This one that I did for Emma I found a dress like this one on a little girl when we were at the Museum of Fine artand I thought it would look awesome on her. The apron dress just didn't quite fit right... So I whipped up this pattern when we got home. I think it looks really nice on her. I should finish Chloe's dress this evening.

Announcer: tune in next week when you'll hear Zoot say...
Zoot: nothing. i ain't saying nothing.

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