Friday, September 5, 2008

Okay NOW its really Friday

Actually its fifteen minutes to Saturday...... so I am in just under the wire. I have been a bit distracted lately, I have just gotten very involved in sewing. I really do love it, and I have had the time lately. Here is my current project I got from

.... I got the inspiration from one of the tutuorials found here

Here is where I am at in the process...

My next attempt will be this one, I think this is the MOST adorable little cupcake shaped purse EVAH....

Beyond all that we had our daddy home early today which was awesome, it just doesn't happen often enough. I was telling him about a new site I found. Well, its an old site, just new to me where youc an go and buy one of a kind items people have made, and they have this whole category for "geekage". Of course I loved everything in it, Im SUCH a nerd. So I asked Brian if he had always known I was a nerd, and he said he sensed it when we met, "the force was strong in that one". See, bad star wars jokes.... way geeky fun.

I nearly had a no coffee breakdown. I really wanted it, even though I shouldn't, I have allergies, it makes me crazy itchy and irritable. Brian was coming home off a travel leg and really needed the caffiene so I told him to brew some, it wouldn't bother me. WRONG! It WAY bothered me, the smell was .... delicious.....intoxicating.... Chloe took up for me (you can read that as she agreed to be my drug mule). Now Chloe and i are not subtle, so Daddy knew what we were up to.... She whispered to me that she would get some for me, and then went and told her daddy that coffee was good for her asthma, can she have some please with cream and sugar? And we would have gotten by with our evil plan, but then she shouted across the room to me, "two sugars right mom, thats how you want it?" LOL That girl just cracks me up. Thankfully I didn't cave!! Yay!

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