Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 90308

Starfleet Command has ordered us into the Looney Tunes galaxy.......

We had art class today and learned about positive and negative shapes and space. These are pictures of the girls works of art. Oh and Chloe has added her flyswatter. She is "Chloe Coppock, Mosquito Hunter". The mosquitos have been SOO bad, she has decided that it is her job to hunt them down and swat them all. Trust me, she takes the VERY seriously, if a piece of lint drifts down on the breeze she freezes, then runs off to get her swatter, and hunts them down till they are no more! She will randomly do scouting patrols into the backyard. She is very proud of herself, and we have been telling her what nice thing she is doing for her family. Mosquitos beware!!!

Emma has really been doing so well with reading and with all the subjects, I have just noticed this big jump in "big girl"-ness lately. Today she was telling me that she would help to keep John out of trouble. Okay now THAT is a fulltime job!

On a completely different topic, I am not sleeping lately. I go through these funky jags and this one hasnt been so great. I have momneasia. Its my favorite new word, its the fancy term for mommy oatmeal brain. I can't remember anything, I start sentences I can't finish........ wait, what was I saying?

So I looked down at my hand this afternoon and I realized I didnt' have my wedding ring on. Which is really unusual, I almost never take it off and the creepy thing was, I couldn't remember where or why I might have taken it off! So we started tearing the house apart. As you can see from the picture, we found it..... well, John found it. Apparently when he ran across it earlier in the day, he had hidden it (for safe keeping im sure) Down in the center of the spare toilet paper rolls. Which I suppose was good thinking, I certainly never would have thought to look there!

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