Friday, September 19, 2008

Update: Hurricane Ike

So we evactuated as planned with friends of ours to Grapeland, TX about 120 miles inland. It was sooo much fun, we had a good time, played dominoes took in the local color of which there was plenty. I mean I haven't seen playground equipment like that since I was a kid. Don't you love the smell of sizzling flesh on a metal slide in the afternoon??? And those domes you climb on, you just can't find those anymore. All we were missing was my alltime favorite piece, the merry go round of terror. Man, I loved those as a kid.
I love small towns. There is part of me that would love to live in one, and then there is the part of me that doesn't want to live without lots of stores in my town. John found a bestest friend in the son of our friends, and we all got introduced to country life.

By the time the storm hit there, it was only a tropical storm instead of a hurricane. We found out my parents had power (which was amazing, most of the city was without electricity, I think tis because they live near a hospital) So we moved in there.

Overall, we are okay, we had minor shingle damage and thats it. Blogs may be a little sketchy for another week, we will be dogsitting and trying to put everything back together.... Hope everyone faired as well.

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