Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TuTu Teaparty Tuesdays

Today started off pretty well, we got up had our breakfast and started our schoolwork. We have decided to incorporate some special days into our school, so Tuesdays are TuTu and Teaparty days, and its also Doctor/Veternarian Center day. Clearly the good start to this day was just an attempt to lull me into complacency so that the real fun could begin.

After lunch I went to go and give the kids their vitamins before we headed out the door to Emma's American Heritage Girls meeting and I couldn't find them. I went looking, and I found them in John's room, open!!!!! There were only thirty vitamins left out of a 75 count bottle. I freaked out and tried to call brian because I had no idea how many we had already given out. I couldn't reach him, so we started for the emergency room with me balling and sobbing, I was so freaked out.... and here is how the conversation from the backseat went.....

Chloe: Mom, is John going to die?
Me: (choking down a sob)No Chloe, he isn't thats why we need to get him to the hospital.
Chloe: But Mom, you said if we had to many of those vitamins it would kill us. Is John going to get killed?
Me: NO chloe, NO
Chloe: (leaning over to John and trying to whisper) Hey John, if you get killed, can I have your toys?
John: NO!!
Me: Chloe, stop it, we will not be discussing this anymore, no one is dying!!! John honey, you are going to be fine, but if you ever do this again to your mommy.........

Meanwhile, Emma was of course being such a trooper, she had missed her meeting, and she was so disappointed, but she is the most compassionate girl on the planet. (which is not to unfairly compare her and Chloe, Chloe's strengths are just in different, funnier places).

Anyway, I FINIALLY got ahold of Brian and we were able to avoid the emergency room by adding up what he could remember giving them. He hadn't taken enough to cause a problem. So I pulled over, cried and shook alot, and then we had a group hug.

We realized we had pulled over in the Kroger parking lot, and they were taking down their "Ariel's Beginning" Display so the lady gave the kids little mermaid balloons, which is cool, ......

But this was my view through the whole store.... had to bat three balloons away from my face to get a look at the store shelves.... the little stinkers.

Then we came home for our tea party. We used My Grandmothers china... Yeah, I know, my heart was pounding a couple of times.. And those are REAL crumpets on their plates. Don't you just like to say "crumpets"? Its one of those really fun words. It HAS to be a fancy nancy word.

Here is Johns Tea, he had to put three icecubes in, and you don't EVEN want to know how much sugar is in there!! It was hysterical to watch him try not to spill it. Since it was a tea party, we all had to talk in really high squeaky old lady voices. Okay, really I am the only one who did it, and the kids all just looked at me like I had lost my mind. Frankly, after a day like today, that might explain it! I think I am going to go lay down and put cool compress on my head for the stress. This is when I wish I had a fainting couch.


Carrie Thompson said...

I wondered where you were! I am so glad the amount downed was an okay amounnt. I had a bottle of Tylenol the other day and I realized they no longer have child proof lids. I was shocked! I dont know if I had missed it or just not paid attention but NO child proof lid!

The TuTu Tuesdays sounds fine, we have Fairytale Friday with a tea party and we are reading Alice and Wonderland as our Fairytale, probably not really a fiarytale but hey it's on our reading list so I thought it would do.

Glad John is fine!

Coplings said...

This stupid bottle theoretically has a child safety top, HOWEVER, you have to really tighten it closed to get it to engage, its just plain unsafe!

We were so bummed to miss the meeting...