Monday, November 17, 2008

Art Class: Stellaluna

This is my all time favorite book ever! I think maybe because in my life I have found myself feeling like a bat who is lost in a world of birds, I identify with little Stellaluna and its just the sweetest story ever! Okay so I was more than happy to do a little themed activity with this book.

The purpose of the exercise is to use warm fall colors on a cool background, and to start to distinguish how trees have branches, leaves...

1. Read Stellaluna, you will LOVE it!!! It opens up discussion about all kinds of things like what fruit bats eat, nocturnal animals, echolocation, etc.

2. Have kids draw a tree trunk and tree branches and try to encourage them to make the branches "realistic"

3. Then have kids take a white crayon, or white pencil and draw stars for the night sky

4. cut out a moon from yellow construction paper and glue it onto the paper.

5. Have child take qtips and dip it into yellow, red, and orange paint and dot it onto the paper on the branches of the tree

6. Cut a fruit bat out of construction paper out of brown construction paper with longish wings, then fold the wings, draw details onto the fruit bat and then glue onto paper.

Below are more examples from the kids in our art class.....

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