Friday, November 7, 2008

Murphy's Law for Moms and Princess Leia Sparkle Trex

We headed off to pick up our new puppy and our day got off to a rocky start... to say the least. I almost broke down and had a coffee. And it was nobody's fault, it was just the universe having a random laugh at me.

Being the parents of three totally normal children we opted for the minivan with a whole stinking lot of plastic floormats and leather wipe down seating for the random accidents. Because, we get it, they are messy and do unexpected things. We also have an "emergency box" in the back, you know, changes of clothes, some random medications, towels, all the good stuff moms need. But isn't it just murphy's law that the day I take that totally childproofed vehicle in for service, and the very nice dealership gives me a loaner car, THAT is the day, the one and only time that one of my kids vomits in the car? Of COURSE it couldn't happen when they were nicely seperated by captain seats, no, its so much more fun when the three of them are all shoulder to shoulder on the back seat of a semicompact car. And of COURSE I had no supplies for cleaning it up, or reclothing the three children now covered in vomit (yes thats right, all three of them were covered in it... it becomes a sort of chain reaction when you are that close).... I'm not sure whether I should be proud of myself or not. I can't tell if the calm way I handled it was just that I was so shocked and in awe that I couldn't process it correctly, or if my patience quota has grown alot....

So we stopped in a walgreens (God only knows what those folks thought of us). We bought some spur of the moment really long tshirts, babywipes, towels, a bucket (you know, for the obvious reason, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice....). Once we were all cleaned up, we continued on our journey to pick up the puppy.

Just when you thought it was safe to buy your dream pair of Birkenstocks..... in comes a new puppy. Okay so below are pics of the puppy, she is just so incredibly cute. The kids named her "Princess Leia Sparkle Trex". We are calling her Leia. John added the TREX part. Brian thinks that I shouldn't let the kids name the animals any more, he feels badly for the poor things. Anyway, she is half boxer and half german shepherd. If the vet is right, and her paws are any indication, she will be enormous. Her parents are each pure bred, but there was an unexpected Oops moment. (Which Brian and I understand having had three of those ourselves) When I first heard the mix I kinda invisioned frankendog in my head, but she is a cutie patootie, and she already has Mac (our Corgi) playing games with her. (Yes I know you can see my tower of clothes I am going through to try and donate what we don't need anymore and it is a little embarassing, but I am trying to work through it).

She REALLY bonded with Emma today. You never saw Emma without Leia, holding her, petting her, trying to feed her out of her hand. And the dog has figured out how to look really pathetic and make cute noises to make sure you never forget about her. She does this wierd half grunt/half oink that had Brian saying "That'll do Pig". She is sure to be spoiled rotten!!!!

Oh and He is trying to keep it to himself, but I know Brian can't resist her. I caught him cuddling her when he thought I wasn't looking.


Rob said...

W00t on the phat puppy l00tz! :) She absolutely adorable - can't wait to hear more stories about this future "dainty little flower"!

Carrie Thompson said...

cute, cute, cute name and cute puppy!!!