Sunday, November 2, 2008

Desperately Seeking Susan....or Cookie

Or Susan if she works for tollhouse or Mrs. Fields..... or anyone who has a decent cookie recipe??? its the one thing I would happy to recieve with FWD in the title. Unless of course it is Obama's devil cookies or McCains cookies. Im so weary of this whole election nonsense. Seriously...

So here is the downside of going au natural in the food department (sheesh people, get your minds out of the gutter!) No more cookie mixes, and no more cake mixes... I decided last week pretty casually to make some chocolate chip cookies, so since we were at Whole Foods, I picked up a mix for chocolate chip cookies to try.

BTW, Whole Foods is my new favorite place!! Besides the fact that it is the only place on earth where I could pick up just about anything and not worry about the ingredients, They babysit my kids while I shop and they sample out chocolate. Seriously, I have been devising random reasons to go back there (its not close to me). Where else can I sit in a cafe, sans children, eat springrolls and chocolate with use of free WiFi? If they would let me, I might move in.

Okay so anyway, the only way they have let me down is with this mix, it was awful. It tasted nothing like what I expect when I think "chocolate chip cookie". It was mealy, and the chocolate tasted more like raisins. I actually dug the box out of the trash thinking that maybe I accidently picked up the vegan mix, but alas no, it just sucked.

So now I am not computer illiterate, I have pulled up recipes on the internet, but none of them have been what I am looking for. Im not a crunchy chocolate chip cookie person, I am more of a warm, soft and gooey chocolate chip cookie person. So we have decided to tackle this in a very scientific way and we are going to field test recipes until we find the one. A cheer went up from the peanut gallery when I announced this to the kiddos.

Btw, if you have read this all the way through..... aren't you just craving a warm cookie and freezing cold milk??? Feel free to drop by, Im sure we are up to our ears in them.

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