Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toothfairies, rashes, glasses and baking......oh my!

Today was my major baking/cooking/domestic diva day, so I was looking for a little bit of peace and quiet to get my "chores done" (insert kinda scary jokeresque laughter here), like THAT was gonna happen.

Poor Chloe had a major allergic reaction today to something that led us to the pedi, who prescribed a steriod cream, go figure? not many pharmacies on this side of town stock them, we did a bit of driving.. which really doesn't mix with baking at all. Then we tried to locate a rentable copy of "tinkerbelle" for her to recoup with, but I couldn't find one. The best laid plans of mice and moms.....

We picked up John's glasses today. He only needs them for reading, but seriously, I could just eat him up with a spoon in those!

Emma lost her Front tooth to her lollipop!!! Ironically without ever taking the lollipop out of her mouth. She was SO excited and really, so was I. I have only gotten to play tooth fairy once. Now, my kids understand who the tooth fairy is, I had a bad experience with Santa, and didn't want to leave room for that. But that almost makes it more fun, and more challenging. They know its a game we play where we all pretend. I went all out this time with fairy dust and everything!

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