Monday, October 6, 2008

We have hummingbirds!!!! and dragonfly funerals :(

We are SOOOO excited (and yes I realize this post might make us the biggest nerds ever). We have hummingbirds!!!! We caught on to the idea at Aunt Kerri's house (thanks aunt Kerri!) The hummingbirds come to feed every fifteen minutes or so and they are gorgeous, and they don't seem to mind if we are right outside with them. We have always had the traditional feeder for the doves and other birds, but these are such a treat! BTW, this is like picture thirty of me trying to capture them, as Emma put it "they are zoomers".

In addition to being hummingbird season, its also dragonfly season. We were marvelling at the dragonflies when my moms dog tried to eat it. We weren't able to save it in time. So, John wanted a picture to remember it by.......

And then he went and mourned its loss.... He was REALLY upset, and its one of those things no one prepares you for. There is no "dragonfly loss for dummies" book.

So we did what we could and had a dragonfly funeral..... Which was then followed by "hey that was so much fun lets dig it up and rebury it!". So we had to chat about necromancy... okay not really, but we did have to talk about how dead is dead and we have to move on.

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