Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Plaugey Pumpkin Patches

It is a clear sign that the economic hard times are hitting everyone when your favorite lush pumpkin patch is reduced to diseased and rotting pumpkin carcasses. Or perhaps a sign of a rarely seen biblical plague?

So today we had a busy day, we did our school work, went to art class, and then decided "HEY!!!" we haven't done our yearly pictures at the pumpkin patch!" So we decided to go vote early, and take pictures.

When we got there we were looking for the perfect pumpkin. We found that most of them, probably from all the rain and heat were on their very last legs, some of them had been reduced to slime already. So Brian found us one good side of a pumpkin, (the other side you don't want to know about, that happy look on John's face is because he discovered all the bugs in the back of it). "Come children, huddle around the good side of the one lone pumpkin".

So we found a new mission, to find the grosses, ickiest, most disgusting pumpkin we could to take a pictures with... Clearly from the pictures we had many candidates to choose from :).

For the kids this was the best visit to the pumpkin patch EVER! It pretty much hit all their cool points: It was gross, Mommy squealed and shrieked for them not to touch it or step in it, or wipe it on your dress, and there were bugs, oh and did I mention the lovely aroma of rotting pumpkin? So in the end we decided that when life gives you rotting pumpkins, make pumpkinade.... OR roll with it, and whatever you do don't lose your head Ichabod! (okay sorry, pumpkins just leave so much room for candy corney puns),

Update: At the end of all this fun, Emma's teeth connected with Chloe's head. Hey guess what? Chloe's head won! Another fun family memory, can this day get any better??? So, if you go to the same pediatrician we do, we may be seeing you in the am!


Carrie Thompson said...

too cute and gross out all at the same time!!!!!

The White Family said...

I love the nasty pumpkins. We miss you! :)