Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christmas in October...

We "inherited" a playset this weekend. (BTW, Uncle Shawn and Aunt Kim you guys ROCK......the caspah? I dunno it was the only song I could find that fit sorta?) The kids were soooo excited. It took them about three or four hours to put it together, and Chloe and John just sat in front of the glass to the back door wishing they would just HURRY already. It was like going on a long trip, "Mom, when is it going to be DONE?". They (along with their cousins) have been out on the playset EVERY day for HOURS!

Is it done yet?

This is just no fair!!!!


and after only a few hours outside on the brand new playset we have our first injury! LOL this has nicely bloomed into a really impressive black eye.

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