Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RenFaire 2008

We went to the renaissance fair this weekend on Sunday. It was a ton of fun, we went with some friends, and we took our niece and nephew with us. The girls dressed up as fairies, I tried to talk John into dressing up as a pirate, but he was having absolutely NONE of that. ALL of the pictures of the kids in the chain mail headbands were a result of the guy who owned the shop thinking they were just way too cute and asking them to come in so he could try them on and his wife took pictures. Yeah, its the easy way to flatter me, to compliment my kiddos. I mean, like I am going to argue??

While we are on the subject of chain mail. REALLY ladies and gents???? seriously?? If you choose to wear a chain mail bikini to the festival as your costume, don't forget your underwear that day, its not a good day for that, especially if you are not friendly with your depilatory agents. And I am really not sure why the equation seems to be that the more out of shape a person is the less likely they are to be wearing? There is no shame in wearing a belly dancing gauzy like skirt under your chain mail (with, oh, lets say your UNDERWEAR???). I think maybe they are going for a sex kitten kind of shock, but really its like horrible gruesome, accident scene shocking, and trust me, I am not even a prude. But its UNSANITARY. I mean, like, eweth.

Okay rant over, I can get back to our fun time. Im always so obsessed by the costumes, because I want to make some really cool ones for next year. Speaking of costume choices, there were tons of fun ones, I mean of course there were all the ladies in their humongous ball gowns. It was pretty warm, I felt sorta sorry for them. And there was a guy dressed as a saytr on stilts, that was way cool! And then the centaur man was there, he is there each year, basically he has a costume that is half him, and half a frame he has stretched hides on to look like a horse half. But I felt him, and I wanna know what kind of skins those are. I am hoping they aren't acutally horse.

Oh and then there was this poor woman who had on well, I think it was supposed to be a barbarian loin cloth, except it had too much bulky material around the thighs, and it was really a fake plasticy diaper. That poor girl, she was half squatting half walking because it was obviously painful, there is probably not enough baby powder in the world to make that better for weeks. I mean, it doesn't breath and its like ninety degrees.

The kids favorite part was riding the elephants, they talked about that the whole ride home. It was unanimous when I asked "okay so what was your favorite part of today?".

Chloe told me at the beginning of the day that she was NOT going to smile, no matter what I did. Of course, she and I are so much alike I made it my mission to catch her smiling LOL! I only caught her once at the very end of the day, tricky girl, she is a tricky girl.

She asked me why I say that she and I are alike, and I told her its because her grandmother always wished that I would have a little girl just like me. So at dinner, she announced that she wanted us to take her to the hospital, because she wanted the doctors to not let her have any babies. (Okay she doesn't know anything about the birds and the bees, but she knows that babies come from hospitals). Brian just lost it bursting out laughing at that. She is afraid she will get one like her!

Oh and John has decided that when he gets older he is going to live next door to me, and chloe is going to live on the other side of me, and emma will be our back yard neighbor.

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