Monday, November 24, 2008

Craftasmic Monday

Sing it with me....!!!!!!!

I love Krabby Patties!
I think they're swell.
They're so neat
And quite a treat
And how I love the way they smell...

Okay so I had to break today into two manageable chunks of blog. This is part 1.

So we have been watching some Spongebob, I mean, how can you NOT love that little yellow guy, and in honor of him we had Krabby patties for lunch today (us grown folks call them crab cakes). They were a huge hit, just because of the SB reference. And the kids are eating spinach because Popeye has convinced them..... Im thinking of all kinds of evil ways to bend this to my will. Maybe Pooh bear and brussel sprouts? Or Superman and Asparagus?

We had art class at our house with our friends from our homeschool group. We made thanksgiving bracelets. The heart was for the religious oppression, the white for the sails of the mayflower, the three blues for the long ocean voyage, the green for finally seeing land, the brown for the native americans who helped, the red for cranberries at the first thanksgiving, the yellow for corn, the brown turkey and the orange pumpkins.

Then we made blowpaint turkeys, we put the paint on the page and blew it around to make the feathers. I was proud of myself for breaking out the paint, I am still suffering from PTPD (post traumatic paint disorder). See my post a couple of days ago for more info...... yikes.

Then we glued beans to pictures..... and frankly, this may be the only way my children ever accept lima beans.

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