Monday, November 17, 2008

Art Class Tutorial: Itsy Bitsy Spider/Warm and Cool

I got the idea for this project off Artsonia, and I made a few modifications. I used it to teach Warm and cool colors, the use of watercolors and it related well to both the itsy bitsy spider, and to Eric Carle's The very busy spider.

1. Have student draw a spider web that takes up most of the page with a lightly colored pencil.

2. Have student go over all of the lines that create the spider web with a thin bead of glue. Let dry. You want for the entire spiderweb to be made from glue since the glue will resist the watercolors.

3. Have children do a watercolor wash over the entire surface with cool colors. encourage the children to not leave any "white" areas. Let Dry

4. Cut out leaves and watercolor wash them with Warm colors. Let dry.

5. Use scrapbook mounting tape to provide dimension, or glue the dried leaves to the spiderweb picture in the corners.

6. Take four stems of brown or black pipecleaners and twist into a spider shape. Glue onto painting.

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