Friday, November 28, 2008

Love is a sweet tyranny

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
~Author Unknown

The 25th was our anniversary, and I still feel like the luckiest girl ever. We hadn't really prepared in advance, hadn't gotten the babysitter nailed down and it kind of snuck up on us. I know it seems horribly unromantic to put it that way, but we are old folks who have been married for enough time that its not the world hinging event it once was. Plus it is right before Thanksgiving, so most people are in the mad dash for that. Wanna make Thanksgiving dinner fun? Go and elope two days before and wait until Thanksgiving to announce it. Gee our families both loved that. So, anyways, we ended up taking the kids with us. I know, are we crazy or what?! But actually it went really well, and the girls felt very special to be included. We made it into a special day with painted nails and hairdos that would have made fancy Nancy drool, oooo la la.

Brian took us all to the restaurant we had enjoyed before called Chabuca, its a brazilian style steakhouse. (P.S. in case you are ever headed there, its apparently not romantic to do the Chewbaca yowl every time the name is mentioned). The basic idea is that they bring around all kinds of different meats, some exotic, that have been on a rotisserie. The surprise hit of the night was the alligator, the kids loved it and the frog legs.

The servers didn't always speak the clearest English, but we could usually tell what the meats were, pork, beef, or chicken. But then they brought out these round balls, and the waiter says, "you want bbmmmhmmmrrmm balls?"
And I look at Brian, who shakes his head that he didn't understand either.
"Um, what was that again?" I asked.
The waiter says "bbmmrrhhhmm balls? very good".
"Ah, okay I am really going to have to know CLEARLY what these are before I eat them". I was not going to end up eating sheep testicles. Finally we deciphered out that they were Boudin balls, so we were on safe territory.

I think Brian was slipping the waitress some money on the sly to make my mojitos stronger than normal. If that nice piano player had gotten bored, I could have done an awesome fire eating act, my breath was flammable! I almost never have the opportunity to drink, maybe I'm just a total lightweight these days but wowzer!

It was an awesome time, and especially this year I realized how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful man for a husband. Not only is he a great guy, but he seems to think I am the cat's meow. He has always supported me, even when I just changed my mind from the polar opposite opinion. I had the opportunity just the week before to give a character reference for Brian. The lady interviewing me asked me if I thought he was of good moral character, and honest. Unequivocally, Brian is the best, most honest and moral man I know, possibly that I have ever met (besides the ones I am related to). My favorite part about him is that he isn't just honest when people are looking, or when anyone would know the difference. Even when it would benefit him to sneak by, even when no one would ever know, he will always do the right thing, the honest thing. Even though when he is called away for work I miss him, when he is home, he is 100% mine and the kids. He is very selfless in that way. I can't think of anyone else I would rather spend the rest of my life with.


Carrie Thompson said...

Yeah. Happy anniversary. I know yall have fun but if you are ever without babysitter, give me a ring!

Hey we like Chubaccas (spell it?) but we ate at another one in Houston before and the waiter kept bringing something around and we couldnt catch what it was and finally we figured out that he was saying the hump of the brahma bull.


It tasted like chicken though!

Jennifer said...

I might take you up on that, and you know, that works both ways!!!

Yeah, that might be slightly disturbing, but you know we have all eaten cow rump and leg, so really I guess the bump isnt so bad. Isn't it funny how it all tates like chicken??!

The kids and I want to try out some morrocan restaurant intown where they have bellydancing. Have you ever heard of that one??