Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pocket full of Soul...and the urban legend cookie

I have been having the girls earn an allowance. I tell them that this way, Mommy never has to say no, you just have to figure out how long you will need to save up. So this week, Chloe had enough money saved up to buy herself a harmonica. Every girl should have a pocket full of soul ready to pull out at any minute, right? To say that she is thrilled about this would be a huge understatement... I took her to Kroger's after we bought the harmonica, while we were waiting for Emma to get out of American Heritage Girls and she entertained everyone. I should have brought her little cap that people could throw coins into! That girl just cracks me up. And you should have seen her just absolutely beaming at everyone who complimented her, it was so neat. I like it when she gets chances to shine all on her own. Then she played it the whole way home, and while I cooked dinner (because she told me she felt sorry for me, that work goes faster with good music), and then while I did dishes.... right now, she is laying in my bed with it clutched in her little hand, she wouldn't let me put it away. (yeah, thats gonna be fun to roll over onto at 2am). Now it could just be that I am biased(or not, Im pretty convinced that I have the smartest, prettiest, funniest..... you get the picture, but I am their MOM, I get away with it).....but, you know, honestly, she is pretty darn good at playing it! Sometimes a girl just needs to sing the blues.....

Oh! and I have a cookie update. We field tested the "urban legend cookie" http://www.snopes.com/business/consumer/cookie.asp today. It was a pretty good chocolate chip cookie. It didn't "fall" it stayed high despite the fact that there was butter in it, and it was tasty, but it was different somehow. I think it was the oatmeal, but this was like a meal, It has substance to it. It was like a heavy snack, you felt full after eating it. I like it, and i will make it again.... but im still looking for that elusive chewy chocolate chip cookie. Emma and Chloe loved them, but they pretty much love anything with sugar in it. The big surprise was John, he almost never goes after sweets, but he kept sneaking these cookies ALL DAY! I kept trying to hide them, but I am no match for his ninja-counter climbing ways. So tomorrow we will try another and see what we get.

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rainbowmummy said...

Hey!! I am doing mega catch up here (it's 1:42am, oops), but you should check out the 3-2-1 biscuits at mine, link for recipes at the side, I am sure you could throw in some chocolate chips!