Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coppock's Cafe, what can I get ya?

I thought up a pretty nifty idea while I was in the middle of Sam's. My kids LOVE imaginative play, especially when they get to do it with a purpose. I purchased a big pack of these little memo books for us to play restaurant with. I think Emma and Chloe could really pull off the gum popping waitress with attitude. I was contemplating getting the actual order pads restaurants use, and then I contemplated the carbon paper and what that could do to my furniture. So I decided to stick with the memo books. Score one for mom! This evening I printed out the breakfast menus using clip art. I generally make or have available one of these four things, so they kids will be able to "order" their breakfast while one of them plays waitress.

Tomorrow I am going to let them help me design a lunch menu too. Dinner is the tricky one, because we don't eat the same thing every day, but I think maybe I will have to put "blue plate special" for dinner, but put all the customizable options on the menu.

After Sam's we snuck over to whatabuger, or "waterburger".


Carrie Thompson said...


Now do the kids each get to order what they want off the breakfast menu meaning you might cook three different things?

I guess I could do that once in a while! the kids would LOVE it and I already have the memo pads,
in fact the kids used them yesterday to play spy club. good times.

Rob said...

Really really great idea ... we used to play grocery store checkout with Josh when we was younger. So question? Are you sewing server aprons and whatnot for the kids too? :)

Jennifer said...

um, our house is crazy for breakfast. Emma is practically vegetarian if left to her own devices, John is a total carnivore .. so usually for breakfast Emma likes to have either cereal (she can get her own and her siblings) or oatmeal. Sometimes I have oatmeal premade overnight in the crockpot. Then I always make eggs and bacon for John and I. Everyone can get their own toast.

Jennifer said...

Um, no rob, I haven't taken it that far......... yet.