Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hiccup Machine

When I was little I wanted braces soooo bad I bent paper clips into retainer looking devices to wear in my teeth. I also envied those with glasses, so I punched out the dark glasses on my sunglasses to wear around. Coolness.

For the past few evenings we have had to break out the nebulizer for Chloe to deliver her asthma medication. Since we started this when she was little, too little to say nebulizer, we have always called it "the breathing machine". She has to have it, so she of course hates it. John however has secretly been coveting her sessions with the breathing machine.

This evening he managed a few fake coughs for me, and when that didn't convince me of his need he started fake hiccuping. Then he told me very seriously that he needed to use "The hiccup machine".

I snapped a few pics of us all, aren't we just lovely and perky and full of fun? We are on the mend, but this whole lack of energy thing is becoming plain burdensome.


rainbowmummy said...

Egg once had what was assumed as an asthma attack, he was given steroids and an inhaler.

I told the doctor that Egg would not be able to use the inhaler. He told me to rattle the spacer. I told him that I knew Egg COULDN'T use the inhaler.

Eggs dad told me not to put a downer on everything.

Egg couldn't use the inhaler..whaddya know! But asked the doc if there was an easier way. He's not got asthma, but his dad has it pretty bad, so it's a worry. This might work, now I have seen what it looks like, nice of the doc to let me know.

Hope everyone is doing better :0)

Hic hic hic oh I think I need a go on the hiccup machine.

Oh and paperclips? LMAO I was like that too, always wanting omthing! Really wanted glasses in primary (age 5-12), and I always wanted to be sifferent. Well now I am a depressed OCD, with many of Eggs traits!

Rob said...

You did that with glasses too huh? I went so far as to fake "not seeing well" in 1st grade so I could get weak prescription glasses. Mom fell for it. Later on I could SEE ... I still think Mom considers it a minor miracle. It was a sad state of affairs. I wonder if there is a support group for folks like us?

Glad you guys are on the mend. I know you have to be getting serious cabin fever too and are probably all ready to go "do stuff" :)

Jennifer said...


This is SOOO much better than the spacer. The spacer was like trying to give the cat an inhaler, good luck! If I have to give Chloe a treatment during the night, she will usually sleep right through it.

The machine basically creates a "mist" of the medicine that they inhale. I know Egg is a little sensitive to noise, it makes the noise on the same level as a hairdryer I would say.

Jennifer said...

Oh rob,
you are evil... Yeah I got both my wishes, dental wear and glasses, and now I would just give anything not to need them. And maybe for straight hair of a different shade. And my brother's metabolism. I find it sickening that he has to drink weight gainer shakes. Never happy with what we get are we?