Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Mon.thly

I have hormone issues and I really should be keeping track of some kind of calendar, it would be helpful. A lot of the medication dosages I have to take vary according to what day of the cycle it is. So you would assume I am all over that calendar, but I haven't been. Then I found this nifty tool at I enter in a few dates, and anytime I want it will tell me what day of the cycle it is and it even emails me two days prior to ovulation and two days prior to the "big event". I think this program was initially designed with natural family planning and fertility in mind. But I have bent it to my will... muahahah...

On the topic of medication, gah, these side effects stink. Its sorta like having the tummy bug. I tried to eat dinner tonight, my appetite fled screaming from the house. The kids have been super awesome about it all, but we haven't been high activity lately. Its supposed to level off soon, it coudln't happen soon enough for me.


rainbowmummy said...

What med are you on, I am sure you'll have said already,forgetful is my middle name.

I should do this, my time is hell. I turn into this suicidal maniac about a week before they start. An angry crying wreck, I hate it, I hate how I lose all control of my head.

Ha ha, how many men do you think my comment will freak out! Love it! As I say to Eggs dad "we bleeeeed", practically hides behind the couch in fear like a small kid watching Doctor Who! Ha!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, with this system, at least you could give him a "heads up" when that week is rolling around!