Friday, January 9, 2009

First Friday Fillins

1. It's January; and its not cold at all, bah. Why can't we have seasons like the rest of the country.

2. Quiet time is what I crave most right now. (Dream on momma, Dream on...)

3. Cork and wine go together like dinner, because if my headache doesn't go away that might be what I have for dinner.

4. Soup is so nourishing. and soothing to sore throats, its whats for lunch.

5. Let us dare to be our authentic selves, even if that isn't who everyone else wants us to be. Try it, its sorta addictive, trust me...

6. I can't wait for Brian to be in my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Brian coming home for dinner, I even made him his favorite cookies, tomorrow my plans include cleaning, taking the kids to do some crafts, and trying to teach them to ride a bike without training wheels and Sunday, I want to I am pretty sure Sunday will be a repeat of Saturday!


Rob said...

I like the way you do this post. Very creative :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you, I would guess its better than me yanking random pictures off the net to fill in while Im sick huh?

Rob said...

Well you like to keep us readers on our toes .. mix it up ... we never know what to expect :) Your blog is a literary roller coaster fun ride of amusing amazements and winsome whimziness! I dig it!

Jennifer said...

shameless flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!!! Keep it coming!!! :-P

Rob said...

Hey how did the bike riding go? If anybody can teach em how to ride in a weekend, you can! See, more shameless flattery :)