Friday, December 26, 2008

16 things you may, or may not know about me

1. As a kid, I was sheltered, I wasn’t allowed to watch regular, or secular movies, listen to secular music, or watch sitcom TV. So I kinda missed out on the whole eighties music and movies and TV. Brian is still appalled that I haven’t ever seen Ghostbusters. It made it really hard as a teenager to relate to anyone else my age, it was kinda like coming back to civilization after being stranded at sea. On the plus side, I am really comfortable being myself, I don't really expect to fit in..... and in walks quirky.

2. I can be outgoing, and I don’t think I would characterize myself as shy, but I need time alone, time with just myself, or my family to feel like I am myself. I also need time where I am quiet to just process through things. If I don't get that time apart, I start to feel a little anxious.

3. I am a lot clumsy. I have cut, burnt, and bruised myself repeatedly. (which I promise has nothing to do with #9) I can trip over a level floor, it’s not pretty.

4. I am bad at talking on the phone. A lot of that is because of the kids, they can smell it when I pick up the phone. But I think sometimes it makes me seem rude, because I just can’t keep up with anyone by phone. Plus, I'm visual, and nothing visual is going on during a phone call. I need to see the person's face, or like in an email I can see the words to really be able to be a part of a conversation.

5. I will probably always have my hair long, as a kid my parents thought it was easier to have it short, and my mom has short hair. I love short hair on other people, especially that kinda spikey, funky short hair. I have a really round face, it needs hair to break up the full moon effect.

6. I love to sew, but I have trouble following a pattern. There is something different about the way my brain works. I have to be able to see the finished product, to see how it fits together so that I can work backwards. I really work the best when I see something already made that I want to make and then I devise my own pattern for it.

7. I love to write. It’s much easier for me to be my “true” self in writing. I think I am better at communicating in writing. I have this problem where everything I think comes out my mouth, and I can get distracted in a verbal conversation............OH LOOK ITS A CHICKEN!

8. I’m terrified of rats, which is especially interesting if you know that I own mice as pets. I hate the tails, and I think they are a malevolent source of evil in the world. When I think of them, they are the ROUSS of Princess Bride fame. Seriously phobic about them…… seriously…. So much so that I really like snakes because they eat them.

9. I think I like emo music, and I’m not sure if I should be frightened, embarrassed, or grab the razor blades and start cutting? I like many different genres, but lately every time I find a song or band I really like, I find out they are considered an emo band….sigh.

10. I have insomnia, sometimes really badly. I know it sometimes comes off as “flakey” when I have to spontaneously cancel plans because I have gotten 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours and it sounds kinda weird to say, “I’m not going to be able to make it because I didn’t get enough sleep.” It makes me feel like a toddler. I don’t deal well with being sleepy either, it really affects me and I am afraid to drive at that point. I’m still looking for a solution.

11. I like Sci-Fi and fantasy books, and movies. I also read serious. grown up fiction and the classics. Um, I think the way I was raised, the general consensus would be to categorize sci fi and fantasy as “not good”. But, I don't agree with that, I categorize it as fiction, as pretend and make believe… really really awesomely rad make believe. If I ever won the lottery, I would fund my dream library and spend the entire day reading every day. I go through about a book every two days, reading is probably my biggest hobby, I just LOVE new ideas, things that make me think... Yes, I know, nerdy, but I love that about myself.

12. I HATE horror movies, I cannot watch a single one, they scare the CRAP outta me. I also can’t watch any movie that is overly violent or suspenseful. I have problems with movies I don’t have with books. Movies I get sucked into and they feel “real” I can’t take it, it’s like overload and I will literally have nightmares for weeks afterward. I have been this way since childhood.

13. Going back to #7, I love to write, and besides the nonfiction blogging, I write fiction and poetry, but I have only ever shown what I write to two people,…. Ever. It annoys me that all my poetry always wants to rhyme, which is cheesy and I don’t like it. But I have a fascination with words, and their meanings, how the feel in my mouth saying them, I have never gotten over my first crush on language.

14. I have been to Alaska and its where Brian and I want to retire later in life.

15. Um, about #14, I’m not sure I can survive in cold weather. I can’t drive in ice, and I have no cold weather “sense”. When I was briefly in Michigan I went outside expecting my hair to “air dry”, it just froze.

16. I haven’t played guitar for about seven years. Which is sad, but better things have taken its place. But I want to get back to it. I really enjoy anything creativish.


Carrie Thompson said...

I think I might like these kindof posts the best! I love learning things about people!

thank you for sharing!

and I would love to read your writing, rhyme or no rhyme.

Rob said...

Very very cool post! I second Carrie's opinion that its really neat to learn things like this.


Jennifer said...

Seeee, you should both do one.....

Clarissa said...

I didn't know you played guitar! Kirk wants to learn to play, and I want to learn the drums. I got a practice kit for Christmas. It's not a drum kit... just a practice pad with a book and dvd and stuff. (Also, rockband II has a drum trainer I dig.) Hopefully we can soon all rock out together!

Jennifer said...

We could start a band, and make (puts pinky to corner of mouth) baJILLLions!!!

rainbowmummy said...

Oh wow, thanks for sharing sooo much!! I like you even more now, but I need to stop reading the comments, nearly wet myself at the "bajillions" LMAO