Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What my Christmas sweatshop has produced today

Well, its christmas time, and when you decide that you want your gifts to be "meaningful" you end up making alot of them yourself. (which sounded like a good idea at the time, but now.... I mean yikes! I have so little time). So, here are a few of the creations. First up are my thumbwrestler luchadores. You wear them on your thumbs when you thumbwrestle. These are the only ones I could scrounge up for the camera. The others are camera shy. I am growing very attached to these guys. I have even started naming them. I know, I may be spending too much time indoors with them.

Anyway, these guys are small, but its alot of detail work.

Okay and here is the yoda keychain, he might be my favorite. I am going to also make set of yoda, leia, chewy, and R2 as refridgerator magnets if I can buy a few hours from the next couple of days. At the same time that I am doing these, I am thick in dressmaking land.
These next few pics are all of the pieces to a magnetic fishing set I made. Each of the pieces has a magnet inside and then each set has a "pole" with a magnet painted like a bobber.


Seahorse and Starfish
Okay so, hopefully I will put the finishing touches on the six dresses I am also in the middle of. I am in it deep this year, next year I will have to start in like April....


Rob said...

Amazing work and yes Yoda rocks! That looks like a truckload of work too. But very nice! Now the big question is, how many times have you stuck yourself in the finger? :)

Melissa said...

I wish I could sew. I've been dying to get a sewing machine but I'm afraid it will sit in the corner collecting dust.

My grandmother makes the most beautiful hand stiched quilts. She tried to teach me, but my anal detail-oriented self wouldn't let go of the crooked lines I did.

Everything looks amazing!

rainbowmummy said...

Oh wow, I love the little thumb guys, too cute!!

And your fishing game has made me want to learn how to sew even more! I am a magnet scaredy cat so the fact that the magnets are inside is neat!