Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The other new blog babies

I got ambitious, and I need to organize my recipes and come up with a rotation, So I started another blog, foodophiles (you can see the link on the right of the screen there), where I will keep my recipes and comments. I figured I would share, I mean, who can't use another recipe? One day I will be able to do this kind of organization with real pieces of paper, one day..... baby steps.

I'm also making one exclusively for our schooling journey. Its where I will keep track of our art, crafts, schoolwork, and reading. I have tried pen and paper records, and well see the paragraph above..... So I figured this will inspire new ideas for me and do some record keeping. Plus, I love blogging, its good for my soul.


rainbowmummy said...

Are you jut giving me more blogs to read so I don't have to do house work?! You are the sweetest!

Great idea! I have a link on mine for recipes, but I don't think it's noticed by anyone!

Oh and BT we don't call it disorganised, we call it "green", so you are like totally saving the world!

Jennifer said...

Oh Oh! I like the way you think, I hadn't even considered the green angle!

rainbowmummy said...

That's how it works, for the real greenies, it just comes so naturally!

Anonymous said...

any news coming ?