Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

So today was my birthday, and as luck would have it Brian was out of town. The kids and my parents took me to see The Tale of Desperaux and gave me some kid free time to shop. It was so awesome!

Brian had taken me out on Monday to see "Twilight" for my birthday. I have to love that man for going with me. He was the ONLY man in the whole theater. You know how when you go to kid's movies, you have to expect crying babies? In this movie we had this 14 year old girl sitting a little behind us whispering all the lines to the movie just about 2 seconds before the actors. She was so adorable, Brian did alot of eye rolling. Every once in a while during the particularly sappy parts he would start sucking alot of his soda, he claimed that he had to wash the vomit back down. That man cracks me up, but I know he REALLY loves me to take me there.


Melissa said...

Happy birthday Jennifer! It sounds like you had an awesome time. Kid free shopping? You lucky lucky girl. How was Desperaux?

I went to see Twilight last weekend with the girls. We had much of the same reaction with a bunch of teenagers sitting next to us and swooning. LOL But wait, what does that say about me since I was doing the same? I have to say the book was better than the movie (but it is usually the case).

Jennifer said...

Desperaux was awesome, a great story of forgiveness. but there were a few scenes that were "intense". Nothing my kids were too upset over, but the rats are about to eat the princess, It reminded me of the Secret of Nymh a little.

In my heart I still am a swooning teenager, I guess I fit in, and yes, that is a little sad....

oh and if you like the twilight books, check out patricia brigg, her book cry wolf was awesome, Im about to start one of her others too.

rainbowmummy said...

Hey I am so sorry I missed it! Happy Birthday!!

LOL, you're hubby sounds a little like Egg's dad :0)