Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I was thinking......well, procrastinating really

So its 10:30am, and really I should have sewn three pieces by now, but I am procrastinating.... sigh. I hate deadlines. Then I thought, hmmm, would it be wrong to teach the kids to sew so they can help? Maybe then we could have like four more children, and they can all sew. That would be seven sewing children, 6 geese a laying, FIVE GOLDEN NEEDLES..... Then it really WOULD be my little sweatshop! We could open an Etsy store and make Bajillions!!!!!! .....And somewhere in America, my husband just fainted with his hands over the crotch of his pants.... I swear he can psychically sense when I want to reopen the baby factory. If the new children were anything like the ones we have, they would eat away, literally, at the profits. Sigh, I guess I should just get to work..... darn it.

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Carrie Thompson said...

Hey I have three that you can have for your sweat shop whenever you need extra labor! they work for cheap--- mommie having time off!