Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Puppy Update 3 months, 1 week

Okay, these ears crack me up! One night we went to bed and they were floppy, and now, they are all pinned up to her head. Its hysterical, and she doesn't seem to have much control over where they go. Its impossible to take her seriously.
So you might be wondering how Brian's asthma is doing. Well, being the holiday season we are going to have to wait until after this week to get him in to the specialist. However, being that I am our resident witch doctor I have started toying with some ways of managing his asthma. Of course we have been doing all the bathing and cleaning each day (frankly, im pooped). We refilled an asthma controller medicine he was on before and gave him a couple of pulmicort treatments right when he got home, and so far so good. I have my fingers crossed. I mean seriously, who could resist that face!?
The puppy is doing well, she and Mac get along well... he is a very patient dog. Last night I went into the kitchen and saw Mac and Leia "spooning" I told Brian how cute it was. Brian said, "Hmm, I think Leia is spooning, but Mac just hasn't run yet". He does have that longsuffering look of a very patient dog.
On the other hand, Leia seems to just love Mac. She is doing a very very good job of walking on a leash, and recently with the big growth spurt (btw, she is a MONSTER, isn't she?) I think her bladder had a growth spurt too. Potty training suddenly got much easier.
She is VERY affectionate.


Rob said...

Thats a very cute puppy you guys have there :) Our dogs ears did the exact same thing and one stayed lop-sided like that. VERY hard to take her seriously, you're right; even though ours now has the "bark of doom" I so richly wanted.
I'm glad things are getting a little better. It certainly is great when they get more bladder control too!

Melissa said...

CUTE! I'm glad Brian is doing much better.

Jennifer said...

Yes! Melissa im starting to have actual hope!!!!!

I know she looks thin (Rob pointed that out to me) and the vet said to feed her twice a day, but we have been feeding her three times a day... I am not sure what to do to fatten her up besides making her scrambled eggs (which happen to be her favorite, but they lead to atrocious gas....omg). I think maybe its because she just had such an enormous growth spurt maybe?

rainbowmummy said...

Take her seriously, the poor thing is tying to help Brian's asthma by turning her self inside out, a little respect please.