Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday cards and general craftiness

Sooooo, this is the card Brian got me for my birthday. He didn't get a chance to give it to me until today. This man just GETS me. So anyone who knows me, probably knows that I have general issues with alot of religion. Now, I don't have problems on the God front, so please don't sick the hell hounds, or heaven hounds on me. But I'm not a country club kind of girl and so many of the churches have that "feel" to them. However, I would join the Church of Briantology ANY DAY!!

Oh and I have been up to some serious craftiness. Since my kiddos are so into superheroes, I figured I would make these little pegdoll versions. I think they would travel well. You can buy the unpainted pegs at any hobby store and then just paint them yourself based on superheroes, princesses, geisha girls, whatever.......

Spiderman, Jon the maritan hunter, The Green Arrow, and The Green Lantern

Captain Atom, Fire, Batman, and Wonder woman

The Flash, Black Canary, Superman, and Supergirl (however supergirl looks like she has been crying without waterproof mascara, so I am going to have to redo her....)


Rob said...

Tell Brian well done on the birthday card! :) And as always your craftiness is awesome too!

rainbowmummy said...

I looooove the birthday card so much! I am not religious (I still have morals, wow!), but I may join the Church of Briantology :0) Wonder what my priest father in law would have to say about that!!

Cute little superheros!!

Jennifer said...

Brian is a very benevolent Church leader LOL!