Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas to me!!!!!!!

Santa, otherwise knows as my husband decided to get me a laptop for Christmas. Mine broke, it actually broke in half, the seams of it cracked and now the screen won't work.

So before we settled on the Dell, we decided to go and check out the Electronics store and at the same time check out our favorite Chinese restaurant. We like it cause it has all kinda of Asian food, not just Chinese.

The kids all insisted on eating with chopsticks, and of COURSE they did when they are eating red sauce in a white shirt...!!! We haven't eaten that in a long time because of our food allergies, but we decided to give it a break today...

MMmmmm healthy, fried food much?

The sugar is intoxicating

Going to lunch with me is alot like going to lunch with the paparazzi.

John's fortune. Its so true, he is pretty irresistible.

Brian's fortune.

My fortune. Yay, even Confucius thinks I should catch up on chores.

Emma's fortune...

The aftermath......

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