Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas decorations....festival of lights

I hate to pick on Christmas Decorations because its such a fun time of year. But sometimes my dark sense of humor takes over. We took the kids to the festival of lights and they had this photo op spot with santa and mrs claus.... cute right???
Except when you get in closer, Santa's eyes are a little, um.... scary. I think he is trying to eat my soul....... He whispers bad things to me....... Tell me that is not disturbing!

they had a cookie decorating station at the festival. The kids LOVED that! It was their favorite part. John had a hard time seperating from his icing container.

More of John and the icing.. he does his cookies like I do my spaghetti, seperately. He eats his icing and his candy seperate from his cookie. I eat my spaghetti with butter and my sauce in a bowl like soup. My husband finds this unnatural.

Emma decorates and eats her cookie without getting a drop on herself. I have no idea how she does it. I can't even do that.

Oh, shes watching while I steal my sisters candy.... look pathetic.....that always works..

Im not sure why the geese were following us, but all the kids thought it was a BLAST!

Emma took this picture. She is just now starting to try out picture taking.


Rob said...

You guys always look like you're having SO much fun :) Very cool pics!

Heather said...

Looks like a blast :)
BTW - I did the separate spaghetti thing for YEARS lol. It wasn't until after I was married I started, um, experimenting on dabbing on the sauce. It's not unnatural, it's... it's... organized. :P

Jennifer said...

you are the ONLY other person I know who has done that!!! Now I have to tell Brian I am not some kind of freak. I like that, its more organized.....

rainbowmummy said...

"My husband finds this unnatural"...from that one line I think I am safe to say your husband would think of me as a freak!

LMAO at Heathers comment "'s organised", love it!

Your pics are great, looked like a wonderful time. (with the exception of santa trying to eat your soul...)!