Friday, December 19, 2008

We need a little help from our friends

We have discovered that Brian is allergic to our new dog. Unfortunately, his allergy manifests as really severe asthma. The doctor gave us all kinds of warnings today about it. So, does anyone know of any solutions?.....because we are obviously in love with this dog.

Here is what we have been doing:
  • Brian has been on antihistamines, Zyrtec
  • I have been bathing Leia each week anyway
  • We keep her out of the bedroom area
Here is what we plan to add already:
  • Vacuuming and moping each day
  • more dusting and washing of linens
  • wiping the puppy down with a semi wet washcloth daily and brushing twice a day
  • using a spray that is supposed to cut down on dander

Does anyone know of anything else we can add to help this out? If you are unable to comment here because you don't have gmail or a blog, please reply to


Carrie Thompson said...

making sure your vaccume has the hepa filter and a room purifier (spell that) could help also.

Jennifer said...

Thanks I am going to check that out, we have a dyson, but im not sure if it has a hepa.